Showers & Tubs

Bathrooms should look great and work well. Let’s start by getting your shower in shape.

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Bathtubs and showers are at the center of creating the perfect bathroom. Zaffke Plumbing has decades of experience installing bathtubs, installing showers, and even installing jet tubs.

Whether you’re replacing fixtures or starting from scratch, Zaffke Plumbing has all the pieces necessary. Zaffke Plumbing sells, delivers, and installs tubs and showers as well as faucets, shower heads, handles, and handicap bars.

Drips, leaks, and loud pipes are also common problems that Zaffke Plumbing handles. Call the office now to get on the schedule.

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Residential Services

Our range of quality services

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From faucet to drain, and all that stuff in between, we make the water run right.

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You need it to work right. Installations or repairs, that's what we do.

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Domestic Items

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ice Makers, Dish Washers, Water Heaters. We've got you covered.