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Water Heater

Hot water on-demand is one of the greatest residential advancements in the last few centuries. Warm baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and even home heating in general all rely on the power of hot water. Zaffke Plumbing wants to keep your water heater cooking along happily.

We stock and sell Bradford White brand water heaters, in all shapes and sizes. New federal standards have been set dictating the size and functionality of hot water heaters, and we suggest you consult a professional with questions you may have when considering a replacement. Gas and electric options are available in each brand, as well as various volume capabilities. Whether you need to supply a small lakeside cabin or a commercial building, we can deliver and service to you.


Ice Maker

Ice-making machines require a dedicated water line of their own, so if you are looking to update your freezer you also may need to update your water lines. No problem! Give us at Zaffke Plumbing a call. We will update your line, install the port, and even hook it up to your freezer. Now you can be all set to have a cool beverage for those hot, lazy summer afternoons. 

Washing Machine

Redoing your laundry room? Zaffke Plumbing wants to help. We have seen everything from thirty year old washing units to garden hoses run through the house. If the plumbing for either the water delivery or the departure system need work, we can do it. Often times repairing such a heavy appliance can take some major over-hauls, and we want to keep you from having to crawl underneath your house or cabin, chasing water lines. Let us do it for you. 



Cabin vacation or the day-to-day at home, dish washing machines are a major convenience. So when you hear them gurgling back up into your sink (or worse, out on to the floor), something has to be done quickly.

Zaffke Plumbing has your back. If repairs are all that’s needed, we have the knack to get you running again. And if it’s time to update, we can hook everything up for you, so you can skip the hassle.

Water Softener

There’s nothing easy about hard water. Orange stains, calcium build-up, and salty flavoring are all signs your house or cabin may be in need of a quality water softener. Zaffke orders, delivers, and installs the softener for you, and we offer instructions in how to run and maintain it. 

Residential Services

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From faucet to drain, and all that stuff in between, we make the water run right.

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You need it to work right. Installations or repairs, that’s what we do.

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Shower & Tubs

Bathrooms should look great and work well. Let’s start by getting your shower in shape.