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A leaky faucet is a sliver in your ears, dripping droning drops day and night. Left unattended, leaky faucets can grow into more than just an irritating sound. They can drive up the price of your water bill, cause freezing lines during the winter, and leave stains in the bowl of your sink or tub.

A leaky faucet can have several causes, meaning that the average fix isn’t always simple. Even driving a nut and washer onto a bolt can become immensely more difficult when you are posed upside down, stuffed into the cabinet beneath your sink. We have the specialty tools, the experience, and the know-how. Rather than risk ruining an expensive fixture or faucet, call the experts at Zaffke Plumbing. We fix and install:

·         Bathroom sink faucets

·         Bathtub faucets

·         Kitchen sink faucets

·         Wall hydrant 

·         Tub sinks







While perhaps the more elegant looking of the fixtures, the sink is a victim of happenstance as frequently as anything else, if not more because of its constant and varied use. Cracks can form in the basin, or the water lines can spring a leak. The trap beneath the sink can also start leaking or become clogged by refuse. Perhaps worn out or ugly, it may merely be time for an update. In any case, Zaffke Plumbing has you covered.

Sinks aren’t as simple as water running downhill. Keeping all of the many working parts aligned and draining can be difficult to do, especially in a finished room, and hidden away inside a kitchen or bathroom cupboard, a leaky trap can easily sprout mold. To the untrained eye, unmarked water lines can be crossed and misused, leading to potentially hours of wasted time and frustration. In a commercial building environment, there are numerous codes and regulations that have to be met and that are reviewed by a government inspector. Because of our 40 years of experience, we hope that you will call us instead.

·         Install or Replace Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

·         Plumb or Replumb Sinks

·         Unclog Traps

·         Tighten Leaks 



Extreme clogs, jams, overflows, excess running, and leaks. When problems arise, the toilet proves itself to be vital fixture in your home.

How It Works

When a toilet is flushed, the handle pulls on a chain inside the water tank. This chain lifts the stopper in the base of the tank, letting water rush down into the bowl. The sudden rush of water overflows the siphon, the curvy neck beneath the bowl that attaches to the pipe in the floor. When the siphon overflows it sucks the water in the bowl down through the pipe, disposing of it into the sewer line. The water in the tank now slowly drains into the bowl, refilling it to the proper height and resetting the siphon. Once the water level has reset the siphon, the toilet is ready to flush again and should stop running.

Why Zaffke Plumbing

This complicated system relies heavily on gravity and vacuum technology, so it is no surprise that it can be easily upset or disturbed. Plugs keep the siphon from draining, but the water continues streaming in as the tank is refilled. This can cause an overflow of the bowl. Improper sealing around the connection between the toilet and floor can allow water from the siphon to leak out onto the floor. The hardware inside the water tank is important too. The water in the tank is turned off by a float switch which is basically a buoy that rides the rising water until a certain height, shutting of the water. If this float switch is caught or broke, the tank will continue to fill, wasting water and risking an overflow. With a fixture this delicate, it can be easy to become frustrated. Let us help. Zaffke Plumbing has decades of experience working with difficult toilets, from resealing wax rings to replacing the inner workings of the water tanks.

What We Do

We fix:

  • Broken Tank Hardware
  • Hard-water Stains
  • Leaks at Base of Toilet 
  • Leaky Water-Line Hookup
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Running Water 

If a toilet cannot be fixed, we also have the supplies and skills to replace it. We sell and install new toilets, tanks, mechanisms, and seats.





Whether it’s installation, remodeling, repairs, or replacements, Zaffke Plumbing has the experience and tools to get it done. We have helped hundreds of customers over the years create their dream bathroom, and the bathtub is a big part of it. Bathtubs and showers come in a vast variety of designs, brands, and combinations. Add in potential custom faucets and spout choices, off-centered drains, floor support, packing foam, and grab bars for the handicapped or elderly and you have a very complicated project. Fortunately we do it all. The bathtub is typically seen as a place of relaxation, so don’t let your next project stress you out. We offer a variety of services, including:

·         Bathtub Delivery & Installation

·         Drain Repair

·         Jet Tub Installation

·         Leaky Faucet Repair

·         Shower Delivery & Installation

·         Waterline Repair




Hot water on-demand is one of the greatest residential advancements in the last few centuries. Warm baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and even home heating in general all rely on the power of hot water. Zaffke Plumbing wants to keep your water heater cooking along happily.

We stock and sell both Bradford White and Rheem brand water heaters, in all shapes and sizes. New federal standards have been set dictating the size and functionality of hot water heaters, and we suggest you consult a professional with questions you may have when considering a replacement. Gas and electric options are available in each brand, as well as various volume capabilities. Whether you need to supply a small lakeside cabin or a commercial building, we can deliver and service to you. 


Ice-making machines require a dedicated water line of their own, so if you are looking to update your freezer you also may need to update your water lines. No problem! Give us at Zaffke Plumbing a call. We will update your line, install the port, and even hook it up to your freezer. Now you can be all set to have a cool beverage for those hot, lazy summer afternoons. 


Redoing your laundry room? Zaffke Plumbing wants to help. We have seen everything from thirty year old washing units to garden hoses run through the house. If the plumbing for either the water delivery or the departure system need work, we can do it. Often times repairing such a heavy appliance can take some major over-hauls, and we want to keep you from having to crawl underneath your house or cabin, chasing water lines. Let us do it for you.