As the economy continues to revive, small businesses are springing up and existing establishments are growing and adding on. The Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry requires that a commercial building plan for hydronics, waste, and drain be drafted by a person with a Master’s license in order for it to be inspected and approved. At Zaffke Plumbing, we have our Masters of Plumbing license, and we want to help you build your business. We have done work for many of the area’s biggest employers and have become an integral part to many flourishing companies. We would love to add you to the list!


At our home office, located at 4207 16th ST NW in Backus, we keep a thorough catalog of fixtures from brands we trust. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building new, you are also probably searching for that perfect look. Too often people go to franchise stores and purchase stylish fixtures without considering performance. Zaffke Plumbing has the resources and the knowledge to provide you with both.

Our personnel are familiar with the many options available to you and can help guide you through our catalogs using interactive technologies. All our sales come with warranties because we are confident in the products we sell. We want you to be happy with your plumbing, both style and price, and we are just as invested as you are towards making our work look great. Make an appointment today. 


Zaffke Plumbing wants to help you build your dreams from the ground up. Whether it is a cabin, house, business office, or warehouse, our goal is to see you off on the right foot. Like many aspects of construction, eventually plumbing is usually either covered up in the walls or buried. This means that if something was done improperly, it may go undetected for some time and be difficult to fix without causing further damage to the rest of the building. We want to prevent this, which is why we place such an emphasis on doing it right the first time.

Zaffke Plumbing runs water lines (PEX and copper) and PVC piping, though we have experience working with cast iron and clay piping as well. We sell, deliver, and install fixtures, including sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. We have experience with both city water and sewer as well as privates wells and septic systems.

As a long-standing fixture in the construction community, Zaffke Plumbing has strong relationships with many of the local contractors, carpenters, electricians, concrete workers, sheetrockers, and roofers. We adapt well to any team we are put on because we know that the one who really matters is the customer. Give us a call today.